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Saturday, July 6, 2013

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Google enterprise value beyond Apple into the world's first

The latest data of economic information provider Factset shows that Google has become the most valuable science-and-technology enterprise which has surpassed the Apple company last week.
The definition of "enterprise value" by FactSet is:market value of enterprise taking off bank deposit.
The reason why people has not pay atttion to this important surpass is because the standard which makes Google achieving surpass is not the market value. According to the market value, Apple still surpasses Google. The former's market value is 3780 billions of dollars, while, the latter is 2860 billions of dollars.
However, the vast bank deposit of this two companies support their market value. By the end of this March,the net cash of Apple company is 1450 billions of dollars, and Google is 450 billions of dollars. If getting rid of these fund, the enterprise value of Apple company is 2330 billions of dollars, and Google's enterprise value is 2410 billions of dollars.It fully shows the potential value of the real operation state of this two companies.

Recently,the giant of America oil Exxon Mobil has defeated Apple company and regained the title-the biggest company of market value in the world.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Google Fiber service will become entrepreneurs shrine Kansas City

  This Wednesday, Marguerite Reardon, the author of CNET technology, declaimed that Google Fiber, as Google ultra high-speed Internet service, will make Kansas City become an entrepreneurship shrine. Reardon returned from Kansas City recently, she indicated that Google Fiber has already brought in a prosperous pioneering corporate community, especially those start-ups who need to make use of the speed advantage. Tyler Van Winkle, as the director in developing and marketing product Leap2 from Mobile Searching Company, claimed that the service provided by Google Fiber is quite stable, which can deal with large quantities of flows caused by start-up companies. He said:" although a Google Fiber is shared by 15 clients, the speed is not affected at all." He still claimed that they had offices in other communities formerly, but later, they initiatively moved to the community with Google Fiber service. Due to the situation that room space is large enough, they still invited others to live together, thus, another three start-up companies moved in afterwards, they are Local Ruckus, Form Zapper and Rivet Creative. Reardon once told that the real value of Google Fiber is not only to attract more start-ups to Kansas City, but also to assemble them in one certain community. There are more entrepreneurship partners here, who may help mutually.

  Mike-Demarais, a 21 years-old Boston youth, expressed that the community sense of Kansas City is even more valuable than Google Fiber itself. Demarais established a 3D printer software company, he said:" If you start your business in Silicon Valley or Boston, it's almost impossible to arouse others' attention, since nearly every student from MIT and Stanford University starts a business in dormitory. But it's not the same as that of the former one, you are been given attention, and also offered suggestions here."

Google took the lead in launching through high-speed fiber-optic internet services in Kansas City last year, the speed reaches up to 1Gbps, the fee is 70 dollars per month, and 1TB data store space is been supplied. If clients hope the Fiber TV to include in the service, they need to pay 120 dollars every month. Last month, Google still declared that Google will launch Google Fiber in Shawnee, Kansas State. And the news that Google will also launch the service in Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah had unveiled before.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Analysis on Regional Interest of Web Search for Google.Ca

Analysis on Regional Interest of Web Search for Google.Ca

      www.Google.Ca is Google's title in Canada. Therefore, it is mainly used in Canada. However, people of other countries can also use Google.Ca to search for Canadian websites. Among various regions in Cananda, Ontario, British Columbia, Northwest Territories rises to the top 3 in web search volume.

      The biggest and capital city of Ontario is Toronto which is also on the "golden horseshoe" city belt of Ontario's west bank. What is more important is that Google.Ca headquarters in the city center of Toronto. It may explain why Ontario ranks first in the list.

      Canadian Internet users hold the longest surfing time in the world. Therefore, by presenting 100 thousand of websites to Canadian small to medium enterprise, Google.Ca has a bright future.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Google's twin-stage equity structure, Facebook is unable to manage

On Sunday night,Google's board of directors approved a settlement agreement with small shareholders aimed at lawsuit. The general meaning is that if the value of new stock is lower than other shares, Google will compensate new stock holders. If the court approved the settlement, Google spin-off plan will continue to advance.

The background of the split is that, in 2004, Google decided to use the dual-class equity structure,which can ensure page, another co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) and the CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) reserve the right to vote. Over a year ago, page proposed to take apart stock again, the point is, the spin-off shares has no voting rights, which can strengthen and expand the dominant control of the founder.

After Google, Zynga and Facebook also follow this mode, let founder,early investors control the entire enterprise.

But the difference of the result is that, if invest $1000 to Google when in IPO,now it's worth $10500. Since page announced controversial stock split-off plan last year, Google's share price rose by 38%. And the follower's share price is lower than offering price now.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Analysis Report of Google.ca in A Few Important Countries

An Analysis Report of Google.ca in A Few Important Countries

   According to relevant data, From 2004, search volume of Google.ca is not

so ideal as expected. Among the several important countries, United States

has performed much better. While United Kingdom, France, Germany and

Australia have performed on average.From August 2008, search volume in

United States has an evident increase, and peaked at May 2009. But from

then to July 2009, it beagan to come down. For United Kingdom, France,

Germany and Australia, the volumes have little fluctuations but they are

relatively stable.
   In United States, Google.ca is quite popular in Florida.
   In United Kingdom, Google.ca is most popular in England. In France,

Ile-de-France and Rh么ne-Alpes. In Germany, Hessen. In Australia it is New